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journal entry, stardust.

Never wake me from my dream of stardust. This world is all encompassing. Atoms and atoms. Errands upon errands. Rock dirt sand glands, cells, penitentiary, borders, walls, stalls, horses, zoos, captivity, cherry jello, quick hellos from bystanders, byes from beautiful girls on boardwalks, beaches, bazooka gum, bb guns, rocket launchers, star shooters, aliens? What is this world?

This world is all encompassing. We hold hands on the sidewalk in afternoon. I trip I fall and scrape my knee on crusty concrete. Or asphalt. Earth against earth. Shedding, rubbing together. Some hell bent earthquake. Plates like my bone, plates like tectonic taking a quick dance off the whim of my clumsiness. “Scuse me, I’m just a dummy miss.” This world is all encompassing.

There are ghosts in sea waters. History keepers and they will NOT forget. Much like the waves of the ocean, ripples of lakes and stream, these simple waves of thoughts, of consciousness never die. Flowing from one breast, one body of atoms to the next. Holding what was and what is and simultaneously what will be. Telling us in time, a moonlit, moonfit metronome where it has been and where it can go. Where we would be if we’d let its consciousness carry us, become us. Oneness. What the hell is this world?

This world is all encompassing? Ain’t it? The wind, a soundless assassin the old resting breath of a dragon, clean and crystallized. Carrying the sound, the rhythm of our woes and the scratch of our toes against tile and the clap of my clumsy body against asphalt and the chirp of birds and stuttering words and the heat and the rain. Breeze ain’t never been been so beautiful. I am moved.

We are moved. A collective solemn sway or a ragged uproot into our rightful pieces of ground or water. Letting us be all the more realized, again, all the more conscious. Clouds, air, blizzard winds, the catalyst of change. A sister to flame

Tell me

What is this world? All the more encompassing. Atoms upon atoms. Stardust combusting. A cornucopia of cosmic things. Infinitely inexplicable, but we try anyway.


Alright y'all.

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